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Asphyre Sphinx v3.0.4 has been released PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 14 September 2012 16:06

News We are happy to announce yet another update to Asphyre Sphinx 3, which includes some minor bug-fixes, updated tools and, most importantly, providers full Networking and Multiplayer support on all official platforms!

The new networking support requires Delph (including FireMonkey!) and FreePascal/Lazarus, on Windows, Linux and Mac OS platforms. In fact, provided example applications have been tested to communicate to each other across all these platforms.

Click here to visit Asphyre Sphinx 3 page.

Asphyre Sphinx 3.0.3 is now available. PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 13 September 2012 07:34

News The latest update to Asphyre Sphinx 3.0.3, featuring FireMonkey v2 support in Delphi XE 3 is now available, which also includes bug-fixes and improved timer component.

In addition, examples have been recompiled on all platforms to include technology and feature level information. Linux provider has been slightly improved for better compatibility.

Please check Asphyre Sphinx official page for new download links.

Asphyre Sphinx v3.0.2 is now available. PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 09 September 2012 14:26

News We are proud to provide an update to Asphyre Sphinx 3, which targets some minor aesthetic issues in DirectX 11 provider, resolves sleep recovery in DirectX 9 (Ex/Vista) provider and corrects minor timing problem. In addition, this release provides better native support for Linux OpenGL provider thanks to code kindly provided by Andrey Kemka.

In addition, Tulip UI for Asphyre has been released by Marcos Gomes. Please read this original post for more information and download link.

Click here to visit Asphyre Sphinx 3 page.

Asphyre Sphinx 3 has been released! PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 28 August 2012 19:01

Logo We would like to announce the release of our latest framework Asphyre Sphinx 3. This cross-platform framework can be used in any Delphi version from 2006 to XE 2 (and later), and FreePascal/Lazarus. New platforms are supported: 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, 32-bit Linux and 64-bit Linux and Mac OS X. Support for mobile platforms such as iOS and Android is still under development (you can keep using Asphyre Sphinx 2 if you need to target iOS).

The providers have been upgraded for all platforms. Now you can use DirectX 7, DirectX 9 (with automatic switching between Direct3D 9 Ex and Direct3D 9 depending on OS support), DirectX 10 (with automatic switching between Direct3D 10.0, Direct3D 10.1 and Windows WARP software device depending on OS and hardware support). In addition, all platforms feature brand new OpenGL provider that uses features of OpenGL 2.1 with programmable pipeline, with an alternative legacy renderer using OpenGL 1.2 if low-end and/or outdated hardware is to be targeted.

Many other features found in previous version of Asphyre are, of course, available, including multiple monitor support in full-screen mode, shader effects, WYSIWYG GUI editor, advanced fonts and so on.

The framework is partially compatible with the previous release of Asphyre Sphinx. If you are developing a project that uses any of the previous versions of Asphyre, you may need to port it to the new release.

There are still many things that are planned to be included with Asphyre Sphinx, we are continuously developing the framework.

Click here to visit Asphyre Sphinx 3 page.

If you encounter any problems with the framework or have any suggestions, join the discussion on our forums.